How it Works

The following is our procedure for residential interiors:

Get Free Consultation

Talk to your designer to get a free estimate based on your requirements and budget.

The Design Phase

i) Pay 5% of the estimated cost.
ii) Our team measures and analyses your house.
iii) We prepare a 3d design based on your requirements.
iv) Finalise design as per your taste.

The Production Phase

i) Pay 45% of the final cost.
ii) Our team starts procuring material for production.
iii) Work will begin at the factory as well as on site for civil, false ceiling, electrical, plumbing, etc if any.

The Installation Phase

i) Pay 50% of the final cost on the delivery of modular material to the site.
ii) We proceed with the procurement of hardware and installation.


i) We conduct a thorough inspection to ensure everything is up to the mark.
ii) Finally, we hand over your furnished home along with a warranty certificate.


We provide free yearly service which includes free replacement of defective products under warranty.